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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THERE ARE NO this contest!

It's Wednesday, July 10th, and I've just finished one of the busiest morning shows I've had in ages!

Penny, my Wednesday co-host (We're unique at WION having different co-hosts each day) who is deeply involved in many charity organizations in Ionia county just left the building, and we're both quite happy...

It's become a tradition to pit the morning show at WION against the afternoon show in some charity fund-raising events, one being the annual "Relay for Life." This year, with no jumpstart from any other source, WION raised $811, most of it today on the show.  

The final total was $406 for the afternoon show, and $405 for morning, and the fun REALLY came when we had Ionia Mayor Dan Balice on the air donating, and conference-connected with our afternoon host Garry Osborn. I'm not sure they had ever had the pleasure of meeting, but it was fun to have them chatting on WION. Then there's those who defect to the "dark side." Our occasional morning co-host known as "Leftlane" even bid against my show, but for a great cause; putting Garry in the lead  he kept to the end of the show and the end of our friendly contest.

Along the way, WION had support from a GREAT online community, my favorite website, "" and some of its members who will also be showing support during the event this weekend as the actual relay is held at Ionia High School.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have connections with a group such as the membership at, as they've helped put WION and my town of Ionia on the map!  What's really remarkable is that we get support for local causes from them while their donating membership is from all across the United States and the world!  A huge thank you to Scott G. who runs that site, and my deepest respect for the polite and human manner in which this site is operated.  It's polite, friendly, helpful, and fun as well! Think about many times does a small town like Ionia get a chance to be connected by radio with a world-known website like this, and enjoy a great partnership?

Our little radio station has collected over eight hundred dollars just today for a cause that we all have been touched-by.  Cancer.  It hits home for most everyone who knows a friend or family member that has battled, is-battling, or has lost their battle with cancer.  Our little station has helped raise enthusiasm for the event, and has brought additional awareness to it.  We're trying to make a difference, and with your help, we have.  And, this is just one cause we feel is important to support at the local level.

As I approach 25 years behind the microphone I sometimes ask myself, "why am I HERE?" I never had a plan for where my radio career would take me. I knew nothing about Ionia 9 years ago when we were finishing up the details for the purchase of WION.  I didn't even enter broadcasting with the intent to own a radio station. I started-out just glad to be on the air as an announcer.  Then later, I began my search for a radio home out west in  Colorado with the hopes of working and retiring there.   I still don't have an answer to "why" I landed in Ionia,  but,  morning shows like the one we just finished, and the contribution WION makes back to its community all through the year keeps sending me the same message......

"It's good to be here...on the air....working with good people......and making a difference in Ionia County."

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort, and to those who help us help others year-round.