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Monday, June 17, 2013


It's another new week!  Exciting times in Ionia as we get closer to the "Summer in the City Celebration" this weekend. (June 20-22nd.)  By all indications on their facebook page, the amount of involved booths, events, and organizations has grown immensely since the announcement of the celebration!  We hope you can take it in! 

We're now a month from the Ionia Freefair and you'll begin hearing about that on WION as well!  As we get closer, look for more information on the air and online, too!

This Wednesday we'll have a fresh, new wake up call, and give away our usual burger of the week from the Lamplight Grill,  a large 2-item pizza from Northside Party Store & Deli, and maybe more!  Don't miss the question!  (Long distance listeners on the web get a $10 gift certificate from Amazon dot com.)

Thursday, we'll welcome Bart Lower for another fun visit as he co-hosts the morning show, and gives away another Family 4-pack of tickets to Danny Boy's Drive In!  And, I have to tell you, Danny Boy's does it right!  If you win from WION, you can literally leave your wallet at home (if you're not the driver, of course....)...they'll take great care of you, and nobody will be hungry while enjoying the movie!  Visit Danny Boy's on the web today and learn more, or on their facebook page!

Friday....we may be simulcasting our Greenville station with Jim Aaron, details have not been firmed-up regarding whether Jim Carlyle will be "in" .....but if we do, you'll enjoy a different morning show! 

Much more to come as the week progresses, keep listening!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WION Website updates and Danny Boy's Drive in Info...

Thanks to twitter pulling the plug on their former website twitter feeds format, we've updated our homepage for WION!

Twitter users:  You can now "follow" WION easier for updates with ONE click of the "follow@i1430" button. A second click brings up the latest feed if you're signed in to twitter!  (I liked the old feed better, we're looking for ways to fit their updates to our page and format!)

It's easier now to call us with voicemail comments, and we'd REALLY like to hear from you!  We have listeners all over the world now, thanks a great amount to Satellite Guys and this forum, and we'd love to know what you like about our station! Please click the 'call me" google widget on the main page, enter your phone number, and google will call your chosen phone number, then connect you to our (recording) comment line!  It's that easy!  If you prefer to dial yourself, follow the link on our main page to get the number and let your "fingers do the walking."

And, of course, our custom Facebook link will take you right to the FB page for WION, the station. For Advertising, Bill Lynch maintains a WION Advertising Facebook page as well, which he also uses on Tuesday mornings and Fridays when he co-hosts the show!

We hope to hear from you, please stop by the website, don't forget to get our apps and try WION "on the go" this summer!

Oh, and we'll be working closely all summer with Danny Boys' Drive-in theater (now open in Ionia!) ...listen for updates beginning Thursday mornings on WION, and chances to win passes! It should be a FUN summer in Ionia with this GREAT new business, which is generating excitement all over the area and well beyond!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Friday.....

If all goes as planned, WION morning listeners this week will enjoy Jim Aaron, our "corporate" Music Director hosting  our morning show, from his WGLM AM/FM studios.  The technical term is called, "simulcasting" but he's well aware that he'll be visiting with our Ionia friends on Friday.

I'll be working behind the scenes as one of our out-of-town engineers is coming to town to assist us here, then more work for both of us at Jim Aaron's station.

We hope you enjoy Jim's morning show, which may include his famous (infamous??) "Worst Song of the Week"..and many other things.

I'll be back with you on Monday, and hope to talk with you on the morning show, maybe together we'll find an answer to our long-running "wake up call" question before a new one is scheduled for (next) Wednesday.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember...take US along with you!  Get our Apps! Enjoy us anywhere you go...

WION-AM STEREO 1430 and FM 92-7
on the web at our station website
and, on Facebook 
and, on our very own forum, hosted by "Satellite Guys"

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Busy Times, FUN times on the radio and LOTS OF LINKS!

Another workweek begins soon. Memorial Day is behind us by a week now, and we're all thinking summer!

We're seeing an increase in the downloads of our WION listening apps for smartphones from both the I-tunes and Google Play store, and we thank you for that! 

WION just instituted a new "comment line" so you can leave your ideas, comments, suggestions, and most of all, compliments to us any time you see fit!  Just go to our website  and either dial us directly, or click the easier "Call Me" button and let Google connect you to our voicemail!  We really DO want to hear from you, and especially those who are out of our immediate area and have other choices in radio, but continue to drop by our web stream to enjoy WION!

The Facebook page is growing by the week, too...and we're trying to tie together all our available ways to inform you of things coming up!

This week on our show, we expect to be quite busy on the morning show with talk of our Ionia Area chamber summer events on Monday,  the Ionia Freefair visiting on Tuesday, a visit with the people who are putting on "family fun at the farm" soon, (Penny Beeman has the day off that day, we hope she enjoys a little "time away)...then on Thursday it's the DDA, and Friday, of course, the usual round table gathering.

As I said, its a busy week at WION, and NOBODY is more "in touch' with you than we are!   Our station is growing every day, and NO local media is putting your county on the map better than WION, either!

We hope to have our first few "I got the app" coffee mugs soon, the first ones going to winners of our "wake up call" Wednesday questions, then others at random. Look for a posting including picture and description on our facebook, website, and on our own WION FORUM (which we hope you'll join's free, and yet ANOTHER great way to keep in touch with us!)

So, get our apps, tune us in, enjoy plenty of the "Music you know"..and, there'll be LOTS of the local information you need..coming this week on WION!