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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Everywhere you go..."the weather" is the topic these days. 

Michigan is FINALLY getting a winter worthy of our position in the upper Midwest, and those of us "of a certain age" remember winters like this, while those younger are amazed, amused, and wondering how many days they'll have to "make up" at the end of the school year.

The radio station has kept me busy...and, because of that, I've dropped the ball on writing here more often.  I hope that in the near future, we can at least update this blog and visit once a week.

Bob Flynn was our guest co-host on the morning show on Friday the 31st of January, and was so much fun that we ran the show an extra hour.  Bob has become known to WION listeners and our county as the host of our many interviews each year at the Ionia Chamber Expo. (This year on March 15th.)  Bob's a great host, and also drives a great distance to be our guest announcer at expo.  His Friday visit was a fun chance for you, our listeners to get reacquainted with him! 

We'll continue throughout winter with our regular visits from co-hosts including Penny Beeman with the IM KIDS FEEDING PROGRAM to provide the 3rd meal for young students who may not otherwise get it! She's my Wednesday morning co-host.  We also welcome our Ionia DDA Director Linda Curtis the first Tuesday of each month.  On the schedule are visits from some of our interesting listening businesses, their owners, and more!  Tuesdays (weather and schedule permitting) we have Bill Lynch as co-host, and our Friday Round Table show continues as well!

I'm curious as I finish writing these morning show random thoughts, (and per a discussion we had on the air...) Is it now true that the new "old" is if you're a person who can remember the famous Michigan "Blizzard of '78?"  I was in upper middle school then, and can remember them sending us home from school halfway through a day, and having (at least) one full week off school!  My how things have changed. Walking home, (no kidding here) we were in nearly knee-deep snow.  I had a paper route then for the Jackson Citizen Patriot, and we didn't even get the bundles delivered to us as carriers for over a week, as the drivers couldn't get from Jackson to Addison!  Yes, I remember it well, but I'm not even 50 years old (yet)...does it really make those of us who remember that storm "the new old?" I hope not!  I also don't believe for a minute that the weather we have been getting since Christmas is anywhere NEAR as bad as 1978 was!  Sure we have some ice and lots of drifting, but today's  public closings come more from a "CYA" aspect then a genuine need to close in my humble opinion!  We're such a 'blame everyone else' society that we don't dare take a chance.  No, I'm not saying schools SHOULD have been open in the past six weeks,  but in my memory, back in "the good ol days" we seemed to attend more (school)  in snowy weather, and cancel less. 

Perhaps we were more prepared back then, since this degree of weather severity has not occurred in many a year. That may explain it.  

In any case, snow doesn't stop the morning show, we hope you're enjoying tuning-in, and...I promise...I'll try to update this blog more often. it's always my pleasure to write, (whether I have one reader or tons...doesn't matter)...and, we always welcome your ears to the show, and your keyboard to respond!

See you on the morning show! (which I'd still like to rename)....