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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catching Up...Looking FORWARD!

Well, it's a midweek.  Normally, Penny would have co-hosted the show, but with odd schedules due to power outages and school closings, it was you and me today!

Thanks for our guests on Tuesday from Big Brothers Big Sisters (Capital Region) for braving the early morning drive to our studios. It was very refreshing to work with them!  They came not looking for money, but looking for MATCHES!  Their goal, and I think our community can do it is to make 15 matches this year by the time of Chili Dawg Challenge. Be a "Big" to a youngster who needs mentoring. Start the ball rolling by visiting their site, and let them know you may want to be a mentor!  Let's see if we can match 15 youngsters with 15 great Mentors and put Ionia County on the map!

An announcement was made on WION of BBBS Michigan Alliance partnering  with Michigan State Troopers in our state to help youngsters!  See our "Ustream" video page when we're not "live" (archives) for more on this! (and forgive the video quality, our HD camera was not available that morning.)

Had a great time on the phones this Wednesday morning! Even with power out in Ionia, 2600 customers, we had very busy phones. Our question:  "In good economic times, this product sells less. IN times of recession it sells more. What's the product?"  The answer was: aspirin!
Congratulations to our winner, Chris Clark! Chris gets a burger of the week from the Lamplight Grill and a large 2-item pizza from Northside Party Store & Deli on M-66 North of Ionia.

Now, on to "looking forward......"

Please don't miss our Friday morning show. The fun begins at 6AM. We'll be talking about the station actually turning 60, and this is unique! Why? Because most stations, if they make it to 60 are not in their original studios. They'e also not likely to have the same "name" (call letters e.g. WION) for that long, and some don't even survive. Well, ours has. Friday morning we'll look back at some documents we have from our sign-on day in 1953, We'll have a ribbon cutting from our Chamber of Commerce for the milestone in-studio, and...guests galore. We'll also be announcing a fun contest, and another couple of GREAT things that you will enjoy very much. If I were you, I'd set aside anything you're doing Friday and join us, on the radio and on the webcam at on the "WION Video Feed" page.  Please don't miss this show. It'll be as fun as our Christmas Eve ones, but without the Christmas tree.

Please visit our website, enjoy the "now playing" that's been added, and let us know what you think of the new online home for WION!
See you "on the radio" as Charles Osgood is fond of saying, on Thursday and for all the fun on Friday!

Monday, January 28, 2013

On our icy morning with school closings, we also had a cancellation called-in for the monthly "Legislative Coffee" sponsored by the Ionia chamber, however, that cleared the calendar for Tina from the Ionia area Chamber to visit us today on the Morning show.  (After a very successful Chamber awards night on Saturday.)

WION was pleased this morning to recap: 

The many Business refurbishments mentioned
Citizen of the year: Vicki Kennedy
Business Woman of the year:  Carol Beck Blundy.
"Business to watch" in 2013:  via online voting: Olivera's.
'Most Promising New Business" went to:  S & P Auto Body. (by online voting)
"Chamber Member of the Year" was awarded to:  Sparrow Ionia Hospital.
Ambassador of the year: Renee Odette
Business Milestones: Many were highlighted.
Putting Ionia (county)  on the map award:  Lakewood Lady Viking Volleyball  and...Portland Raider Football.

Tina says, "see the entire list" later this week on "" and thanks everyone who attended!

Join us on Tuesday, as the morning show will welcome Big Brothers' Big Sisters' and discuss the growth of mentoring in Ionia County and available opportunities to be a Big Brother or Big Sister. 

See you Tuesday Morning!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Friday Eve"....

Still cold. -2 degrees at show start on one of the thermometers here at the studios!  Sorry 'bout the voice, folks. It's rough some mornings, and as many of you know, this "ick" that everyone's been getting just never leaves 100%.  Hopefully soon! When the voice is a bit gravely, we just let the music start your day with minimal interruption....but we're here if you need us!

Our gang all worked MLK Day. We're taking Friday off. If the Government can move days off for their convenience, so can we. Phil's calling it, "Martin Luther Cloud" day....jokingly, of course, but it'll be "Otto" on the morning show Friday, a "more music morning" coming your way Friday to sail you into the weekend. Garry Osborn will be at the helm of the afternoon show as always.

While we're talking about Fridays, next Friday the 1st will be the 60th birthday of the call letters, "WION" in Ionia!  Quite a milestone. We'll celebrate on the morning show, and have a couple important announcements for you, too....things we know you'll love!

We've added a photo album to our new website, check it out! And, we've made things EASY TO FIND on the website. All it takes is a quick read of the front page and you know where things are. Please take the time to get used to the new pages. They're growing every day! If you've got pictures you'd like added to our album from WION events, please send 'em to "" and we'll add 'em!

....for now....that's it.....Happy "Friday Eve!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Early Wednesday post..more to come!

And warmer than yesterday by far! The morning show has started with a temperature of 8 degrees!

Our wake up call question today:  (for a Burger of the week from the lamplight grill, and a large 2-item pizza from Northside Party Store)
"What did Japanese Fishermen do to increase their "catch" by 60 percent?"

The answer:  They changed the color of their nets to "pink!"
If you see RayAnne at Ionia Wash King, congratulate her! She's our winner today! We'll have another "Wednesday wakeup call" next week!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Warming up to a Tuesday...

Well, with a show starting at minus 5 degrees out, (-4 in Palo, -6 in Belding, -4 on Adams St. in Ionia) we thought we'd "warm you up" with songs about "heat", "hot" etc. Hope you enjoyed!  Gotta have SOME fun with what Mother Nature hands out to us!

This is the part where we have much more fun than huge, corporate radio. In THAT world, an announce would be fired for straying from the daily log of music! That's one of the things that keeps WION local, and more interesting than corporate radio stations!

This morning it was:
Hot Hot Hot
Keep the fire burning
We didn't start the fire
Something's burning
Eternal Flame
Some Like it Hot
Walking on Sunshine
Hot Blooded
Hot Stuff
Hot Child in the City...
Hot Fun in the summertime...

Well, you get the idea. It didn't warm up much during the show, but we had a "virtual" warmup on the airwaves.

On Wednesday it's another "wake up call" question, good for a burger of the week from the Lamplight Grill and a large 2-item pizza from NorthsideParty Store & Deli on M-66 north of Ionia. Tune-in and play along!

Stay warm. Eat your veggies. Snuggle. See you Wednesday!

Monday, January 21, 2013

.....but wait, there's more.

So, we put up the new website for WION....
And, we added this little place you can stop by!

Tuesday, we're hoping for a visit from Big Brothers' Big Sisters' in our studios, as they are looking for mentors, and have had such great support from the Ionia Community during the Chili Dawg Challenge. Weather permitting, we hope to chat with them on January 22nd. If not, we'll move them to "soon."

Much "tweaking" went into the new website for our station, and its by no means finished yet, but please do spread the word!  It's been a long time since a major overhaul of and we thought, "it's time!" Some new features are coming, and soon, the return of our very own FORUM hosted by my favorite site, ""

You might recall, we had this forum about a year ago, but the relaunch has some new, exciting things, a place to discuss technology and other things, of course, plus....our own "local" radio forum!  REAL people will be on our end helping to post answers to questions, share ideas, and chat!  We'll also be welcoming many satelliteguys members who learned of WION during the Christmas season when our 2013 "Christmas Carol" was given a worldwide debut on Scott's site,  In the meantime, check it out! We'll be launching that new forum soon.

Wednesday on the show (1/23) we'll of course have a new "wake up call" and your calls at 527-WION!  It was a fun show today, and again congratulations to Bridgett, who won tickets to a great concert in Grand Rapids for this Thursday.

Check back often, its nice having a place to put things that we may not have time to tell you in other ways!  Please feel free to comment on these blogs, and we'll be watching for you on the new WION site!  We hope you like what you see!

Check Back here Soon!

This is where we'll be posting show notes.....and things that we think are important to you, our morning show listener!

Notes about guests, important "links" brought up on the air, and more!

(gosh I hate that "and more" phrase. It's so OVERused.)

Oh well....It's overused ONE more time here.

See you back here soon.

Running to the Bunnomatic....