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Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome to a new week!  It's Monday May 6th!

We had Tina from the Ionia Chamber on our show today, and on Tuesday the 7th, we will welcome representatives from the Ionia Freefair and 4-H! Tune-in for the fun, the information, the music, and....we'll continue our "wake up call" from last week!
Clue:  This is considered "fun' by many people.
Clue:  Not a terribly "active" answer.

Clue:  They do it longer in shoes that are NOT high heels.

Our question from the wake up call held over (again...)
"Women can do WHAT for an average of 2 and a half hours if wearing high-heels? (according to a study, of course.)

With your correct answer, win a "Burger of the Week" from the Lamplight Grill and a Large 2-item pizza from Northside Party Store & Deli, Ionia.  Out of our listening area? Win a $10 gift certificate from

See you Tuesday Morning!


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