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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Busy Times, FUN times on the radio and LOTS OF LINKS!

Another workweek begins soon. Memorial Day is behind us by a week now, and we're all thinking summer!

We're seeing an increase in the downloads of our WION listening apps for smartphones from both the I-tunes and Google Play store, and we thank you for that! 

WION just instituted a new "comment line" so you can leave your ideas, comments, suggestions, and most of all, compliments to us any time you see fit!  Just go to our website  and either dial us directly, or click the easier "Call Me" button and let Google connect you to our voicemail!  We really DO want to hear from you, and especially those who are out of our immediate area and have other choices in radio, but continue to drop by our web stream to enjoy WION!

The Facebook page is growing by the week, too...and we're trying to tie together all our available ways to inform you of things coming up!

This week on our show, we expect to be quite busy on the morning show with talk of our Ionia Area chamber summer events on Monday,  the Ionia Freefair visiting on Tuesday, a visit with the people who are putting on "family fun at the farm" soon, (Penny Beeman has the day off that day, we hope she enjoys a little "time away)...then on Thursday it's the DDA, and Friday, of course, the usual round table gathering.

As I said, its a busy week at WION, and NOBODY is more "in touch' with you than we are!   Our station is growing every day, and NO local media is putting your county on the map better than WION, either!

We hope to have our first few "I got the app" coffee mugs soon, the first ones going to winners of our "wake up call" Wednesday questions, then others at random. Look for a posting including picture and description on our facebook, website, and on our own WION FORUM (which we hope you'll join's free, and yet ANOTHER great way to keep in touch with us!)

So, get our apps, tune us in, enjoy plenty of the "Music you know"..and, there'll be LOTS of the local information you need..coming this week on WION!


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