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Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Friday.....

If all goes as planned, WION morning listeners this week will enjoy Jim Aaron, our "corporate" Music Director hosting  our morning show, from his WGLM AM/FM studios.  The technical term is called, "simulcasting" but he's well aware that he'll be visiting with our Ionia friends on Friday.

I'll be working behind the scenes as one of our out-of-town engineers is coming to town to assist us here, then more work for both of us at Jim Aaron's station.

We hope you enjoy Jim's morning show, which may include his famous (infamous??) "Worst Song of the Week"..and many other things.

I'll be back with you on Monday, and hope to talk with you on the morning show, maybe together we'll find an answer to our long-running "wake up call" question before a new one is scheduled for (next) Wednesday.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember...take US along with you!  Get our Apps! Enjoy us anywhere you go...

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