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Monday, January 21, 2013

.....but wait, there's more.

So, we put up the new website for WION....
And, we added this little place you can stop by!

Tuesday, we're hoping for a visit from Big Brothers' Big Sisters' in our studios, as they are looking for mentors, and have had such great support from the Ionia Community during the Chili Dawg Challenge. Weather permitting, we hope to chat with them on January 22nd. If not, we'll move them to "soon."

Much "tweaking" went into the new website for our station, and its by no means finished yet, but please do spread the word!  It's been a long time since a major overhaul of and we thought, "it's time!" Some new features are coming, and soon, the return of our very own FORUM hosted by my favorite site, ""

You might recall, we had this forum about a year ago, but the relaunch has some new, exciting things, a place to discuss technology and other things, of course, plus....our own "local" radio forum!  REAL people will be on our end helping to post answers to questions, share ideas, and chat!  We'll also be welcoming many satelliteguys members who learned of WION during the Christmas season when our 2013 "Christmas Carol" was given a worldwide debut on Scott's site,  In the meantime, check it out! We'll be launching that new forum soon.

Wednesday on the show (1/23) we'll of course have a new "wake up call" and your calls at 527-WION!  It was a fun show today, and again congratulations to Bridgett, who won tickets to a great concert in Grand Rapids for this Thursday.

Check back often, its nice having a place to put things that we may not have time to tell you in other ways!  Please feel free to comment on these blogs, and we'll be watching for you on the new WION site!  We hope you like what you see!

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