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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Warming up to a Tuesday...

Well, with a show starting at minus 5 degrees out, (-4 in Palo, -6 in Belding, -4 on Adams St. in Ionia) we thought we'd "warm you up" with songs about "heat", "hot" etc. Hope you enjoyed!  Gotta have SOME fun with what Mother Nature hands out to us!

This is the part where we have much more fun than huge, corporate radio. In THAT world, an announce would be fired for straying from the daily log of music! That's one of the things that keeps WION local, and more interesting than corporate radio stations!

This morning it was:
Hot Hot Hot
Keep the fire burning
We didn't start the fire
Something's burning
Eternal Flame
Some Like it Hot
Walking on Sunshine
Hot Blooded
Hot Stuff
Hot Child in the City...
Hot Fun in the summertime...

Well, you get the idea. It didn't warm up much during the show, but we had a "virtual" warmup on the airwaves.

On Wednesday it's another "wake up call" question, good for a burger of the week from the Lamplight Grill and a large 2-item pizza from NorthsideParty Store & Deli on M-66 north of Ionia. Tune-in and play along!

Stay warm. Eat your veggies. Snuggle. See you Wednesday!

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