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Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Friday Eve"....

Still cold. -2 degrees at show start on one of the thermometers here at the studios!  Sorry 'bout the voice, folks. It's rough some mornings, and as many of you know, this "ick" that everyone's been getting just never leaves 100%.  Hopefully soon! When the voice is a bit gravely, we just let the music start your day with minimal interruption....but we're here if you need us!

Our gang all worked MLK Day. We're taking Friday off. If the Government can move days off for their convenience, so can we. Phil's calling it, "Martin Luther Cloud" day....jokingly, of course, but it'll be "Otto" on the morning show Friday, a "more music morning" coming your way Friday to sail you into the weekend. Garry Osborn will be at the helm of the afternoon show as always.

While we're talking about Fridays, next Friday the 1st will be the 60th birthday of the call letters, "WION" in Ionia!  Quite a milestone. We'll celebrate on the morning show, and have a couple important announcements for you, too....things we know you'll love!

We've added a photo album to our new website, check it out! And, we've made things EASY TO FIND on the website. All it takes is a quick read of the front page and you know where things are. Please take the time to get used to the new pages. They're growing every day! If you've got pictures you'd like added to our album from WION events, please send 'em to "" and we'll add 'em!

....for now....that's it.....Happy "Friday Eve!"

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