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Friday, March 22, 2013


With over 50 votes on our Friday morning show from e-mails, phone and the WION Exclusive Online Forum,  our "Friday Flash Poll" found respondents telling us that in their homes, Creamy Peanut Butter is more popular than Crunchy!

It was a very 'spirited' debate, and we thank you for your attention!  We try to do these ultra important polls each week.  Why?  Because we know that you're tired of all the polls in the news that are so darn "serious"....there's tons of new ones each day about politics, the military, banking, and the like.  Thus, we choose OUR topics carefully!

This Saturday finds our microphones in Lowell, MI at the High School for the annual Lowell Area Expo, a presentation of the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce. we hope you'll join us as we broadcast from this event.....and get to better-know our neighbors just a stone's throw to the East of Ionia.

This weekend's usual features are ready to roll, get an update on what's happening by visiting our WION FORUM.  Please register!  We don't sell your e-mail, we don't collect any personal info, and your registration, while not necessary, removes some of the ads from your FORUM experience and shows your support for the WION FORUM.

See you in Lowell with Phil Cloud, Bill Lynch, and Penny Beeman...and hundreds of our (new) closest friends!.....all "on the radio."


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