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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm overdue for an update....It's been busy around the ol' radio studios...

Here we are, halfway through another whole week!

Our wake up call this week was, "WION's Birthday year is shared by what famous product?" We began that question today, and got an answer by our second hour of the show. The answer?  "Peeps!" They were made by the Just Born company which aquired the Rodda Candy company, and "Peeps" were born. our winner was Lynn burns, who was listening at the Ionia County Commission on aging in Ionia!  Congratulations!

On that topic, by an overwhelming majority, our listeners HATE peeps. We did an early poll today, (usually saving it for the Friday before Easter) ....and asked, do you LOVE or HATE peeps, since there is no "in-between" on that issue.  Thanks for all the votes, and votes continued throughout the day on our wion forum!

We brought in Spring today at 7:02 by stopping the news, and having our very own "Ode To Spring" brought to you by Bob Flynn. It was a tear-jerking moment in radio history. Okay, maybe not. It was a FAMOUS moment in radio history.  Would you believe it was a moment which won't happen again?  Okay. There we are. NO moment ever happens again, so I didn't lie.  It was a moment to remember, right to the very end of the song, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park!"

On Friday...a flash poll about a favorite food item. Be ready with your votes!

Oh and somebody.....we think it's "Ray" (O' Vac) started a fan page for WION on Facebook, much to the chagrin of Jim Carlyle, but it IS there. so, "Like" us if you want. 

In looking ahead, we have a major programming announcement coming your way on April 1st you'll want to hear, we believe.......don't miss it on the morning show! Mark your calendars!

More soon.....busy times, great radio.....all here....with WION and the morning show.


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