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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

Good Morning!

It became a "more music" morning today, when technology got the best of me....and required my attention.

We moved the second day of the "wake up call" scheduled for today (Thursday the 28th) to NEXT Wednesday, and...if we get an answer early, we'll do a SECOND QUESTION that day as well. People love to win those "burgers of the week" from the Lamplight Grill and the large 2-item pizza from Northside Party Store!"

Remember...tomorrow's another "round table" with Phil, Bill, yours truly....and who knows...maybe Leftlane will wander in. Hard telling with that boy!  We'll bring you another "Friday Flash Poll" and answer some very burning "this or that" question.....with your help on the phones, e-mail and our forum!

Speaking of the forum, have you signed up yet?  It's DIRECTLY INTERACTIVE with all other listeners who have joined, and it's FREE. See the notes from Scott, our forum owner about signing up and signing in, and feel at ease with signing up for your free acccount!  

Keep watching our website for updates on programming and more...and thanks for "America's Biggest Little Radio Station"....WION


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