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Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Week, Another Month...April Fools!

Well, we've all entered April. Traditionally "April fools' day."

E-mails "flew in" this morning asking if "The Tooth Fairy" feature was a joke.  My answer to you, "Was it?"  It's all in how you take it!  You have to admit, it was a great date to start this series!   Yes, it's a series!  Join us mornings just after the 8AM news, and again in the evening after the 6PM news for each day's episode.

We thank one of our sponsors, Dr. I. Canfield Pullem, DDA member in downtown Ionia. Listen for his "secret" location during the show.

On another note,  thanks for the mound of e-mails of late. Even the ones that "complained" you had to click (3) ...count 'em THREE times to see our online listener map.  We've added the map to our front page as well for your convenience....and hope you find this easier for your "clicking-tired" fingers.  If you're a first-visitor to the map, you'll be amazed at how many places are tuning in.  If you're a frequent visitor, you won't believe how quickly WION is growing in listenership across the entire stat and NATION!  Check back frequently.

WION also welcomes back Renucci's Tavern as an advertiser this April!  Good to have you back on board, and we hope that your sponorship of our weather forecasts is a good omen of GREAT Spring and Summer weather!  Thank you, and welcome back!

Also of note is Edlin Automotive, joining our "Streaming sponsors" on WION.  Streaming of the station is not inexpensive, and we appreciate the growing enthusiasm and growing list of sponsors who help us make this possible!   If your business wants to be a streaming sponsor, please contact Dan Ferguson or Bill Lynch quickly....the introductory $143/month rate ends with tax day 2013!

Join us Tuesday for representatives from the Ionia Freefair on the morning show, and on Wednesday our Wake Up Call, then on Thursday this week, Linda Curtis joins us from the Ionia DDA!

Until our next visit...


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