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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Don't Miss Friday this week!

In recapping last week, we had a great deal of fun on the morning show.

We had visitors from 4-H dairy programs including some youngsters on Tuesday, who joined our show with Larry Listerman and talked about dairy involvement at this year's "Ionia Freefair."

Wednesday was extra fun, as we got a winner to last week's "wake up call" 

...."Researchers found that in Denver, Colorado, when there's humidity over 80 percent, this happens more than when the humidity is below 45 percent. What happens more with higher humidity?"  Answer: The frequency with which youngsters are punished in school for acting up increases!

Then, we were asked to do a second one, for members of satelliteguys and our forum who tune-in regularly on our stream.  "This alternative use of peanut butter has been proven.  We, however do not recommend it."   Answer:"Peanut butter is a darned good shaving cream" say researchers, and said republican Barry Goldwater years, and years ago.

Thursday was our monthly visit with the Ionia DDA and Linda Curtis.  We hope to have a "major announcement" from the DDA soon on WION. "Stay tuned" as they say.

Now, looking ahead to this week, we've noted on our Facebook fan page and our own forum, please join us for the extended version on Friday of our round table, as we welcome local antique appraiser Glen Rairigh of Americana Auctions to our show.  We'll have on-air appraisals of items from our announcers, and hopefully, some pictures and descriptions of items sent by our forum members as well!  We always learn more about what's becoming valuable, what kind of items are losing value, and more when Glen joins us.  Please spread the word, we're doing an extra hour on Friday...6-10AM EDT on April 12th!

More to come, "stay tuned" to WION on Ionia County's FM 92-7, AM Stereo 1430 and on our apps and web streams!


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