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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


During our usual visit with Wednesday Co-Host Penny, we got an answer to the "held over" wake up call from last week, asking, "Reearchers found that in Denver, Colorado when there's humidity over 80 percent this happens more than when the humidity is below 45 percent....what happens with higher humidity?"

The answer, provided by Laurie G. of Ionia was, "Children in school get punished more often for acting up! Obviously this study could take place almost anywhere!

Then, by request from our online forum we started and completed a second question! "This alternative use of peanut butter has been proven. We, however do not recommend it."  

The answer was, "you can use peanut butter as a shaving cream"  As a matter of fact, this was said years ago...."Peanut butter is a darned good shaving cream" by Republican Barry Goldwater.  There's a name from the distant past!!

Would Democrats say and believe the same?  Our morning show is convening a panel to do this study, hopefully funded by the United States Government....and our panelists doing the study hope to be well paid for it.  (heheheheheh)

Thanks for all the fun on the phones, on e-mail and on our WION EXCLUSIVE FORUM.... join us for more fun each Wednesday...and of course each day of the week brings it's own surprises on the coffeecrew morning show.


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