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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday Evening...

One week since the deluge of rain and our flooding.
Things are slowly returning to normal in Ionia and our area.

Our Friday morning show was a lively one....Phil, however missed it as he was sent (again) to a new "sensitivity school" in the UP of Michigan. We wish him the best.

Bill and I were first joined by Branden, our production manager, who found that Stonehenge, (yes, Stonehenge) is hiring a new manager, and wanted a reference letter. I'm sure his years of experience with us in radio will help.....would YOU want to be the first Manager of that place in thousands of years???

Mary Cusack stopped in to visit, had news of tonight's resceheduled "Band Aid" performance at Watt auditorium, along with great news that for the first time ever, "Young People's Theatre" is having a summer camp, and putting on the show, "101 Dalmations." What a great program for our young people.

Mary also spoke about Saints Peter and Paul having a sesquicentennial celebration, including an Art Prize event, and was very enthusiastic about that as well, details from the church's website which you can google.

The show was VERY lively when we pulled out a 1973 Ionia County Shoppers' guide and chose an item, playing "Name that Item" which was on sale for $2.99 in March of that year. The phones went nuts, lots of e-mails, and we had fun...with Annette from Printing and Office Essentials being our winner!  Congratulations to her, the item was a set of jumper cables. Probably not the best ones in the world for that price, even in 1973, but....still fun to reminisce.

On the weekend, WION welcomes a Michigan group for a tour, called "M.A.R.E." or, Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts to tour our station and visit our town. They chose to come here, after one of their members learned of WION being an independent station broadcasting in AM stereo, too!  We're proud to be chosen as a tour destination, and to bring these folks to our town for lunch at the Lamplight Grill.  I hope that each and every one of our business community can do the same sometime (bring folks in because of WANTING to meet them) truly is a compliment, and something that helps our local economy and our local pride, too!

Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday.....and thanks for all the fun that you, our listeners provide to we, the radio "family" of WION.

We're glad to be part of your community and your lives!


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