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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Win on Wednesday...quick "Midweek Eve" thoughts...

Another Wednesday show is just a few hours from now as I write this. Many quick thoughts, many links to things going on! Enjoy!

I look forward to Wednesdays....we hear from SO many people locally and those listening on our web stream, too. E-mail, our forum, and our phones are always fun as we bring you the "wake up call." Local winners get a large 2-item pizza from Northside Party Store along with a burger of the week from the Lamplight Grill.  Distant winners, like we had last week win a $10 gift certificate to an online retailer.

We'll also be closing our friendly competition between Penny and I, as we both have been collecting and lobbying for your donations of peanut butter, or jam and jelly, all of which goes to local food pantries.  As always, every little bit helps....and it's kind of a reminder that this autumn, the community food network will again run the "county-wide food drive!"  Donations will be welcomed through end of business at WION and at Promoprint & Stitches-2 in Ionia on Main Street.

Want to have some fun?  Grab one of the new "Don't think and drive, just LISTEN" T-shirts from Vicki at Promoprint, too! Only $10!  It was born last week when a report aired on WION from the CBS network telling us not to use our minds to think of what we're going to say while driving!  The shirts look GREAT, and are just fun.  We hope you'll buy one and listen as you travel.  

A fun Wednesday is ahead, please join Penny and I "on the radio" for the fun.....and make WION a habit!  We think you'll enjoy being part of "America's Biggest Little Radio Station."

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