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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Welcome to the morning show blog, if you're just joining us.

On our usual Wednesday visit with Penny Beeman, we re-named the show for this month (WED only) the "PB&J Show" for "Penny Beeman and Jim." Why? Because a nationwide effort is underway this month to collect peanut butter and jelly for the needy in local (food) Pantries.

We're having a friendly competition, and asking that you bring what you can of Peanut butter or (commercial) Jam/Jelly for donation to Vicki Kennedy's store in downtown Ionia, "Promoprint & Stitches-2" in the armory block.  Please put a label on your donation of "J" for Jim, or "P" for Penny, as we will count at the end to see who was supported more in this effort.  Me? I think Penny will win. She's online and "connected" with volunteers all the time so "her people" may just win, and that would be fine, because the REAL winners are those who receive your donations.  I would however ask for a good showing.  I'm already cashing in some favors from listeners, like Dawn at Dial a Ride in Ionia who LOVES the fact we now stream the station. Hopefully we can get some dial a ride clients and employees to help us in this effort, and some extra "J's" in the collection. We'll be doing this through month's end.

On another note, don't forget this Friday is an extra hour of the morning show, just for fun! Glen from Americana Auctions is our guest at the round table, and will appraise items brought by our staff. We always enjoy getting updates on what he sees as the trend in antiques and things that people collect, and we'll happily take questions via e-mail, our forum, and on the phone.  Oh, and since we always broadcast in "color" you'll always enjoy the fun.  Yes, we'll use the webcam this Friday as well so you can "watch" from home.  (the audio's much better on OUR main stream, however, so use that if you need-to.)

So, see you on the morning show.....please donate for our local food pantries (peanut butter and jam or jelly) at Promoprint downtown, and.....thanks for checking on the (morning show) blog. If you want, leave a comment, the other blogs available about technology and "thoughts in general" found in the "Carlyle Corner" on our website.

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