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Friday, February 15, 2013

A vacation day...

You've probably come here looking for information...or maybe you're a "regular' now.  Either way, we're glad you're reading.  Statistics show this blog is being read by our listeners, and I'm grateful.  As far as commenting or "responding", however...It's  been made known to me that some people can't respond to these blogs because of corporate blocking of g-mail accounts at work. That seems very odd, considering I know of people working in U.S. Government offices that allow personal G-mails on their government machines.  In any case, we'd love to have your comments, but you're going to have to do it on your own time and PC. The Corporate world abhors independent thought and independent growth or prosperity, so...please....find a PC or tablet not owned by your corporate monster, and make the effort to chime in.

Today, Friday the 15th, the morning team has the day off.  Phil was sent on another long weekend to a kind of boot camp, where hopefully he'll learn more about what is acceptable to the FCC.  Bill has begun his busiest season of the year, and Leftlane, well.....he's just Leftlane. So, with the co-hosts all busy, I decided we all would have the day off today. After all, if the Government can move holidays and CREATE holidays just to give time off, so can I.  

Thus, today, a Friday, no "show" with the usual gang. Yes, we'll be back next week...same time, same station, but today, you've got "Otto" to brig you music, news, sports, and information. Just without the puns, bad jokes, and listener calls.  

Hope you'll stay tuned to enjoy WION today, and don't forget, we're now on your PC, Tablet, and smartphones, take us with you all weekend long.

See you Monday on the Coffeecrew show!


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