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Friday, February 1, 2013

THANK YOU..for an incredible 60th.....

The morning show on WION celebrated 60 years of our "name" (call letters) this morning.  It's impossible for me to sum it all up here, and I'll miss someone. But, I'll do my best.

The round table began with Bill Lynch, Phil Cloud, and my buddy "Leftlane" at 6AM.  Through the morning, we heard from past voices of the station, Janet Kennedy who, years ago won a contest in which the prize was a dance and date with a WION personality!  We enjoyed her call, Margo from Central Michigan Printers, and...Mayor Dan Balice who joined us on the phone as well.

Our Chamber's ambassadors did a ribbon cutting for us, celebrating our 60th and....the launch of internet streaming!  We received congratulations from many folks via e-mail, and...if you haven't heard yet, our new forum is LIVE and waiting for your ideas, comments, thoughts, and on the "forum" join in the fun! has been a good friend to WION for quite a few years now, and it's one of my favorite sites. I hang out there quite a bit, and we're honored to be the first local radio station brought to this platform. Please join, and....check out "" The forum is for YOU, our listeners, whether across town or across the world!  The site is SO much more than just satellite TV talk.  If you have a phone, internet TV box, cable, home entertainment system,'ll want to join!  Sooner or later, you'll find someone who can help you with your setup!  They're truly a community  and there's nothing like it on the web!

We've posted the 60 year dedication and intro to streaming that I did this morning in the "special audio" link on our site's main page, please play and enjoy.  Part of what was said came directly from the sign-on speech, read on this day in 1953.  We'll be posting pictures soon in the photo gallery, and I'll try to update this blog over the weekend.

We're proud of our station, hope that our work honors its founders, and..thanks to EVERYONE who was part of our 60th celebration. My deepest of thanks to Scott and Penny Beeman, for countless hours of support, and Scott's great talents in engineering WION and helping our AM stereo come to life for streaming, along with all the times he's fixed or improved our sound with his talents!  The stream you're enjoying is AM STEREO...and....the BEST in the nation!

In a nut-shell, I can honestly say, in all the years I've been in radio, all sized stations for which I've worked, I've never seen or worked-with a better group of people. My team at WION is the BEST, and I thank them all.

"Stay Tuned" and...let us know WHERE you're tuned in by checking in on the new forum!  We're hoping to keep a map of our distant listeners, and soon we'll have a contest for our online friends at satellite guys, too!

Until more time to write comes my way....

Deepest thanks to our community and friends!

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