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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hoping for a "Normal" Friday...

...but, we'll see. Weather is (as usual) now less of a storm than when the weather service tells us "the sky is falling" which they seem to do on a semi-regular basis.  I hope we have our usual Friday gang here, of Phil and maybe Bill.  We're also hoping to hear from Vicki Kennedy and talk about the upcoming "Friends of Bertha Brock Park" fundraiser evening.

On my list for Friday's weekly news that drove me nuts.....

1) Getting tired of National news interviewing and presenting either the incredibly obvious or overly stupid.

Example 1: Public Official saying, (with regard to the current snowstorm out East) "Use Carmen Sense" with regard to how folks should act during weather emergencies.

Example 2: The youngster (who, by nature can't be held responsible for not speaking like an adult...but....the news shouldn't necessarily USE this as an actuality)...."I don't wanna die....and stuff...."  referencing  earthquake drills in schools.  Why not interview the teachers or administration?  It's cute to put the kid on the air, but it doesn't serve to lend credibility to the story or the network.

Then, there was the issue of whether or not employees should get overtime when they need to answer or monitor "work" cellphones when home and not on the clock.  What happened to a reasonably balanced "give and take" with employees and employers?  I guess I've always been blessed with GREAT employers (with the exception of one in the 1980's that was in rent-to-own and had the word "American" in their name...who fired me by fax)...and a healthy "give & take" meant a good working relationship.  Why are these "issues" being treated like news?

I guess I just expect more (credibility, common sense, not CARMEN sense) from both the public and the larger news media. That must be why I'm also continually let down.  Not really "down" least disappointed.  

Well, this was just a spur of the moment posting, gotta run. I've got to plan for our not-so-huge snowstorm, cuz, like, "I don't wanna die & stuff..."'ll take extra time to get to the Lamplight for our 92-7, especially if know Carmen sense.

See you Friday......oh, and the webcam WILL be on, too.


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