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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And the winner is......


She got the answer to our wake up call question...."Only two states in the USA have manufacturers of this item. What's the item?" The answer was "clothespins!"  Congratulations to Rocky! She picks up a huge community prize package to enjoy or to share!  We had many great callers and guesses online through our morning e-mail. We also had some of the answers that were incorrect on our WION FORUM which we invite you to join, free of charge! If you register, which is free, most of the ads go away.  If you like it, keep could win a "pub" menbership from WION...and all ads vanish, plus you're welcomed into the online "pub" where everything from technology to toast is discussed. Congrats, again; Rocky!

A busy Wednesday morning today, as Penny, (my usual co-host) was at the round table.  We discussed "CERT" classes (Community Emergency Response Team) training beginning next Monday the 25th in Belding.  This is GREAT training for being more "prepared"  If you want more information, please call Penny's number at 616-755-80-50.  More information on this from Ionia Host Dot Com on the "Community Events" page.

Roger Packard joined us as well, and reminded us that "Skywarn Training" is coming up March 6th at Ionia County ISD.  This is a VERY important training at no charge, and educates attendees on what to watch-for when bad weather is pending or threatening our area. Well worth the two hour planned time of 6 to 8PM. I've attended this. It's different each year, and worthy of your time if you can make it. Details from

We hope you're spreading the word that WION is available online. We never know "who" is tuned in, only the closest town in which the listeners ISP (internet service provider) is located....but today we logged Owosso and Howell, Michigan for the first time, along with our usual listeners. Please spread the word and make the hard work of preparing a GREAT sounding web stream worthwhile!  We're really grateful to those using it and those spreading the word!  You can even file a "comment" with us directly from the mobile app players or the online player from our main website!

Well, on to the rest of the day. Please mark your calendars for Expo at Ionia High School March 9th, come visit with us, and we'll draw on that day for the internet radio giveaway, the "Logitech Squeezebox" internet radio, a $200 value. And, if you stop into any of the PURK's LOCATIONS in Ionia, they're the EXCLUSIVE WALK-IN LOCATION SPONSOR. No purchase necessary. Thanks, Purks! We appreciate you!

See you Thursday...and, don't miss my other "blogs" ......(none of mine are exciting, but I enjoy writing em.....links on our main page in "Carlyle's Corner.)


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