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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend check-in....

It's the weekend.  Once again, West Central Michigan has escaped a very bad bout of winter. What we got last Thursday night to Friday wouldn't even be classified a "storm" in my younger years!  Nowadays, we live in a "CYA" world, where if the National Weather service doesn't advise you it's going to snow, you'd sue someone when it does and you slip while driving or walking.  Well, anyway...a good looking weekend here.

Couple of things to catch you up-on:

Monday we return to giving away 1-year "pub" memberships to the site, "Satelliteguys.US" on the morning show. They're hosting our WION forum, and we hope you'll join us!  It's free to be  member, free to register, and once you're registered, you can win a pub membership on the air, or you may choose to buy one!  I've been a member for quite a few years now, and the membership has helped me with satellite service and info, cable TV and home theatre info, and much more. A good bunch of members, always polite, and always welcoming new members.  Your registration at our forum gets you a standard site membership there automatically. In any case, more winning coming Monday.

The question was raised by one person, "Why would little WION want to stream their station?"  I was amazed by this. First of all, it allows you, our loyal listeners to take US anywhere. Secondly, it puts Ionia on the map, and I can guarantee you that no local business, person, or entity is doing more of that than we are!  So, we've started a Google map of listeners logged on our streams. We don't know who listens, just the general location of where their internet service provider makes the connection to us.  Check out the google map of WION streaming listeners here, or on our "FAQ" page  under, "who is listening to WION?"  You may be amazed!  And, the places logged are listening long-term! (more than a few hours at a time.) Obviously our format has a wide-reaching appeal. We've always thought so, and now we have proof!

We'll be adding to the map, and a few places were left off, as they didn't have a town, just a country. Those included: Colombia and Brazil.

See you Monday on the morning show for more giveaways, conversation, and fun. We'll register more people for our $200 internet radio by Logitech, too.  Please JOIN our forum at by clicking the forum button and registering. We look forward to you posting thoughts, ideas, comments, and more.  And, its yet another way for you to be part of WION, "America's Biggest Little Radio Station!"

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