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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


... on our Website!

Have you noticed?  We've now got a link to our "comments" page. The page has been there awhile, and some of you found it by mousing-around the main page.  We just thought the comments were too nice to NOT be seen!  Check out our main page and click to view February's listener comments!  These are all since we began streaming on February 1st.

We also want to know how we're doing, the same "Contests and fun" section of the site there's a listener survey.  Originally I posted this only on our forum, but I want everyone who even uses streaming occasionally  to take the survey, please!  It helps us serve you better.

Now, on the topic of interactive radio, would you slide your mouse over to the "forum" button at the top of our page and join the WION forum?  You see, I'm not a huge facebook fan. I've always thought that without careful attention, you're giving away too much of your privacy to be on facebook. The one time we did have a station fan page, it was hacked, and that was enough!  Thus, the more "one on one" interactivity with our own WION forum.  It lets YOU start thoughts, or "threads" ...and we monitor it for changes in any of them so we can respond!  It lets you and other listeners talk publicly to each other, too!  It's a GREAT way to be part of our very active and growing radio station! 

As always this week, we'll have a wake up call question on Wednesday, and very busy phones! Penny should be in to discuss local events and fundraisers, and there's always something interesting on Wednesday. 

Yes, we'll have our usual Friday roundtable, too...from 6-9AM EST.  And, we'll turn on the webcam for anyone interested in "watching" the show.

So, take our survey, read our new "comments" page, and let us know how we're doing.  

See you weekdays, 6-9AM on WION!


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