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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catching up!

Since our debut of internet streaming of our AM stereo signal, WION's been a very "hopping" place (if you will.) We've found listeners in Ireland, New York City, and many other places! And, it's kept us VERY busy monitoring usage and quality of the streams.

If you hadn't heard, the station is giving away a logitech internet radio at Ionia Expo on March 9th. You can register online (once per day per family) and when we call for registrations, too. Plus....we'll register people at Expo as well. The drawing is in the 2PM hour at expo this year from Ionia High school.  Please enter!  Complete rules are on our site and on the air.

We've so enjoyed bringing our streaming to the world!  It's also fun for us to log WHERE people are listening!  Now, before you think "Big Brother" is tracking you, we don't know anything more than your state and closest ISP town, and a cryptic IP address. Sometimes we've wondered what makes our streaming popular and "wanted" in faraway places. Is it the local flavor that's lost in some other cities by big city radio companies? Is it the feature programs unique to us?  Is it the fact that we're pushing an actual on-air AM STEREO signal to you?  We don't know, but we're honored with each person who logs-on and listens!  Many folks are listening all day! Look at the places people are listening to your hometown radio station!  

We hope you're enjoying our new streaming service, and that you'll share it with family and friends who may be alumni of our area, those who are in warmer climates for the winter, and friends far away. It's always nice to have a "piece of home" as one of our listeners put it.

And..there's much more to come...."stay tuned" to WION....
now dubbed, "America's biggest little radio station!"

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