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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Learning Curve of Growing at WION....

Well, here we are in another week. Monday behind us for the most part.

I'm still trying to get more "into the swing" of having so many avenues of communication at my fingertips in the morning during the show!

We've always had e-mail, and continue to use that regularly. But now, we also have our own forum which is absolutely free to join on our website, and allows  you a more "one on one" with WION, while sharing your thoughts at the same time with other listeners.  For those of you new to this, each topic is called  a "thread" and, you can start them, respond to them, question them, whatever you like. The beauty of an online forum is the variety of thoughts it brings together. Unlike standard "social networking" it allows us a more personal interaction with you, and as a reader, you get a bigger picture of how others view our station as opposed to just "likes" and "dislikes." (but you can do that, too.)

So, as time goes on, you'll hear me referring more to our "forum" during the morning show. You can comment anytime, from anywhere, and rest assured, we're reading and watching this forum,  ready to respond.  The forum gets more interesting as more people join, so please, take a minute to do it, and be part of the fun of 21st century radio!  By registering, many of the ads that support the site go away...and, we're still giving away "ad free" memberships called "pub" memberships through February.

So, in the morning, it's e-mail, like Kevin uses from Firstbank. Larry is now using the forum to report Belding Temperatures.  Scott is listening in Connecticut and always coming up with something interesting. We have a morning listener in Ohio who grew up with WION, and can now be part of our daily get-togethers. These are all great ways people are interacting with WION. And, its all appreciated.

But, remember, even as we grow, we're YOUR radio station, Ionia County.  Always will be. Only difference now is that we're helping Ionia County, Michigan to be better known in our State, our Nation, and the world.  We're not sacrificing any local content to serve the larger audience. I think the reason our map of listeners has grown so much (see the FAQ page and the "who is listening to WION to view the map)  is that this station is "different" than many you'll find across the USA in its content and its programming. At least we hope so. That's how we hope Ionia's station is seen by those listening outside our area.

Please join our forum, be part of the fun, PATIENT as I click through windows on the morning show....there's plenty of places to look for your interaction with us,  I'll try to keep up with all the messages......and we welcome it.....ALL of it.

Off to the's been a Monday, after all!


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